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William DIKES born 1835/6 Texas, father USA born via 1870 census

Here William is alive and dwelling with his family (although mispelt etc. )in 1870
Name: William Dike
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1837
Age in 1870: 33
Birthplace: Texas
Home in 1870: Burnham, Ellis, Texas
Race: White
Gender: Male
Value of real estate: View image
Post Office: Cummins Creek
Household Members: Name Age
William Dike 33
Ann Dike 26
William Dike 11
Jonathan Dike 8
Lena Dike 5
Charles Dike 4 again my great grandfather

William seems to have died before 1880 as his wife is listed as a widow.
1880 United States Federal Census
about Aby Dikes
Name: Aby Dikes
Home in 1880: Haskell, Texas
Age: 36
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1844
Birthplace: Indiana
Relation to Head of Household: Self (Head)
Father's birthplace: Indiana
Mother's birthplace: Indiana
Neighbors: View others on page
Occupation: Keeping House
Marital Status: Widowed
Race: White
Gender: Female
Household Members: Name Age
Aby Dikes 36
Wm. M. Dikes 20
James V. Dikes 18
Lauretta Dikes 15
Charley Dikes 13
Robt Dikes 9
John Maibin Dikes 6

Next Source of Information

Source Information: Texas Land Title Abstracts [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2000. Original data: Texas General Land Office. Abstracts of all original Texas Land Titles comprising Grants and Locations. Austin, TX, USA.

Grantee: A. C. Dikes
Certificate: 26/1553
Patentee: A. C. Dikes
Patent Date: 27 Jul 1890
Acres: 160
District: Milam; Travis
County: Eastland
File: 6857
Survey/Blk/Tsp: NE 1/4 36 H & TC 4-
Patent #: 594
Patent Volume: 10
Class: School

William Dikes Family Group Looks like this
William Dikes

B: abt 1837
Texas, United States
D: before 1880
FATHER: Joseph D Johnson 1812 - 1851 MOTHER: Charrity Dixson 1812 - 1846
Wife Abigail C Johnson
Abigail C Johnson

B: 27 March 1842 Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana, United States
D: Eastland, Texas, United States

Children of William and Abigail include:

William M Dikes
Sep 8 1859
Texas, United States

died 1954
Oklahoma, United States

James E. Dikes
16 Jan 1861

Lauretta A Dikes
27 Feb 1864

Charles Bell Dikes
Mar 1867 (16 Feb 1867 per E.M. Hayley)
Lots of the records show Charles birthday March 1867 but according to my grandmother's Bible his birthday is 16 Feb 1867. Charles was my Grandmother's father.
Lousianna, USA

died 11 Nov 1946
Los Angeles, California

Lucy Dikes
11 Aug 1869

Robert Boone Dikes
6 Dec 1870
died 21 Oct 1956
Napa, California

John Marvin Dikes
abt 1874

Lutie Lee Dikes
19 June 1880

Several of these children also named their children William ergo it does get confusing

Could this be him????
Name: William Dikes
Side Served: Confederacy
State Served: Texas
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private.
Enlisted in Company C, 19th Cavalry Regiment Texas.

Sources: 425

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Ima Eula Mewborn

Today is 12 September 2009

I met a lovely lady today her name is

Ima Eula Mewborn
She was born 30 May 1912 in , Greene, North Carolina, USA
She died 5 Feb 2002 in Farmville, Pitt, North Carolina, USA

She was a genealogist before computers, before Internet, and displayed dedication and patience over a number of years.

I have been researching our surnames in the Family History Catalogue of films, microfiche and books. I found this Microfilm #1711458 that mentioned several surnames and amongst them was Mooring. (i. e. Eliza Jane Mooring married to John William Hayley in 1850.)

The title of the film is Ima Eula Mewborn studies, Magna Charta to 1990.
This film had fine formed entries, handwritten pedigrees, several different types of papers, three ring holed sheets, patches, and very large certificates with Calligraphy writing, lots of stamps and signatures.

I have ordered many films to review and most of the time there is nothing in the films that relate to our family. I was searching this long film of notes, hand written pedigrees, random maps, stories and very official looking certificates. Nothing was clicking whatsoever until I did find our mutual connection with the Moorings.

She is very important to our family. Her dedication and true love of her family and country are another "key" to our direct lineage to the brave men and women who created and developed this fine country. Her studies includes her documentation and validation in the Daughters of the American Revolution.

It was a delight to view her "studies". She doodled!!! Yes, doodles on her research papers, very integrated circles and lines that I am very familiar. They looked just like doodles I have on some of my genealogy papers. She had the same amateure poorly constructed shapes and lines that I have done in the past. Shapes that start so structured (much like lovely IRISH ART) and then wind back on themselves with no where to go.......just like me!

I once saw an exhibit of Irish art and many of the filigree style type shapes reminded me of my "own doodling". So I surmised that perhaps it was just collective conscience of an art type.

As I compile all my works (some on dot matrix printer paper, some typed, loads handwritten.) I have to fight the urge to clean up all my notes, or just go forward with new discoveries. Of course new discoveries often wins and create another pile of notes, newspaper articles, correspondences for me to organize later (when I have time). I have been secretly fearful of people seeing my crazy notes, doodlings, funny notes! and bizarre hand written pedigrees as I go through my studies.

But now I see my "mess" as delightful and fun. And a shared trait with another lovely dedicated "family" member whom loved her family and loved her country!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our Earliest Ancestor Found So Far

Our Earliest Ancestor Found So Far IS Gerd Gymersdotter
Gerd Gymersdotter is found in Grandma Etta Mae's hertiage.

Dear Family
Please do not be discouraged, I heard you all screaming to me but what about the Chapins and the Moorings. I do believe I will be able to establish lineage further back in these families. Please remember I have barely started my genealogy studies. There could truly possibly be ancestors documented from other lineages.

Born: abt 239 Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden
Died: 267 Svitjod, Sweden

Gerd Gymerdotter is a direct relative to Queen Anne of Russia but I have not been able to establish a direct lineage to Queen Anne and our lineage yet. I hope the family starts getting the concept that this genealogy study does take enormous amounts of time.

The documentation for this person and lineage can be found on the internet via OneWorldTree

The OneWorldTree Score is created by comparing all the source records (tree, records, etc.) and community input and determining the most likely choice based on the available information.

OneWorldTree Choice

Where OneWorldTree Choice feel the score is high enough to indicate a piece of information is probably accurate (at least 4 stars), they make that item their "recommended" choice.
The information shown here is created by comparing all the source records (tree, records, etc.) and community input and determining the most likely choice based on the available information.

Often that information does not have enough evidence to be reliable. When that is the case ONEWORLDTREE CHOICE hides that information. None of the questionable data was added to this blog

Therefore OneWorldTree Choice information included 34 spellings of the name but is rather confident based on research that these 34 names are actually the same person being submitted to the ONEWORLDTREE internet website.
The 34 possible spellings and entries for this person's name are as follows. The number following the name indicates how many people submitted the same name. I am always suspicious of 26 User-submitted trees because sometimes these are just complete copy paste with no validation nor verification of the information. When this happens you result in 500 year old relatives or children being their own great great grandparents.
The 34 possible spellings and entries for this person's name:
Gerd Gymersdotter 26 User-submitted trees

Gard Gymersdottir 9 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymersdottir Of Uppsala 2 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymersdotter Sweden 4 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymersdotttir 1 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymer 7 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymersdotter Sverige 3 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymersdottir Scandinavia 2 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymersdottir Of Uppsala 2 User-submitted trees

Gerth Gymirsdotter 5 User-submitted trees

Gerd V Gymersdottir 1 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymerson 4 User-submitted trees

Queen Gerd Gymersdottir 1 User-submitted trees

Gerth Queen Gymirsdotter 1 User-submitted trees

Unknown Gerd Gymersson 4 User-submitted trees

Gymersdotter Gerd 3 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymirsdatter 3 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymerdottir 3 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gynersson 3 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymersdattter 2 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymerssdotter 2 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymers 2 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymersdóttir 1 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymarsson 1 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymmersson 1 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymesdatter 1 User-submitted trees

Gard Gymersdotter 1 User-submitted trees

Gerðr Gymersdottir 1 User-submitted trees

Gerda Gymersdottir 1 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymirsdottir 1 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gylmersson 1 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gynersdottir 1 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymersdtr 1 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gmersdotter 1 User-submitted trees

Gerd Gymersdotttir 1 User-submitted trees

Female 26 User-submitted trees

The birth date and place of birth for this person also varies---which is not unusual even for very current relatives.

abt 239 26 User-submitted trees

239 26 User-submitted trees

Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden 26 User-submitted trees

Uppsala, Sweden 26 User-submitted trees

Like wise The death date and place of death for this person also varies---which is not unusual even for very current relatives.

267 3 User-submitted trees

256 3 User-submitted trees

abt 256 3 User-submitted trees

abt 340 1 User-submitted trees

abt 266 1 User-submitted trees

Death Place(s)

Svitjod, Sweden 3 User-submitted trees

Uppsala, Sweden 3 User-submitted trees

Uppsala, Uppland, [country] 1 User-submitted trees

Sweden 12 User-submitted trees

Uppsala Queen Frey, [country] 5 User-submitted trees

Y, [country] 3 User-submitted trees

But as you can see the dates and places are very simular. Sometimes the places have changed names over the years. There are many incidents of this throughout our family tree history. As I write the migration section of the Hayley Family History I speak of this quite a bit --- the rule of thumb used by some genealogist is to use the name of the location as it was when the life event happened but then in notes whenever possible add an explanation and source for future genealogist.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Richard Bagot

Richard Bagot Birth 1227 in Bagots Bromley, Staffordshire, , England Death
Jun 1271 in , , , England

Yes I have been following the male lines in our Hayley line ; but I decided (I forgot why??!!??) to start following the Alice Luella Baggett 1865 - 1954 She would be Grandma Etta Mae Hayley's father's mother:

William M Dikes 1859 - 1954 Alice Luella Baggett 1865 - 1954

had a son----Charles Bell Dikes (among more children) Grandma Etta Mae's father

B: Mar 1867 (16 Feb 1867 per E.M. Hayley) Louisiana, USA D: 11 Nov 1946 Los Angeles, California

Grandma Etta Mae's Mother Susan Birdie Parks
Susan Birdie Parks

B: Mar 1872 Texas D: 1920 Arkansas

wow wow as you know I have been educating myself on the Civil War and the Revolutionary War Now I am in the Crusades and the Hundred Years Wars of England. I can not believe this true accounts I am reading regarding Etta Mae's family ---- therefore our family.

I am sure you probably could easily believe the ancestors fought in the Crusades of the Holy Lands, was part of the WAR of the Roses and participated in some rather scandalous behavior. The Baggots were knights; they were Earls etc.

One of my favorite authoress is Norah Lofts --- I have read all her books --- and never would I have believed at the time that I would find family history that rivaled even the most adventurous of these novels!!

One such scoundrel was the before mentioned Richard's g-g-g- grandson ---

Ralph DeStafford, 1st Earl of Stafford, 2nd Baron Stafford
24 Sep 1301 in Tunbridge, Staffordshire, , England
31 Aug 1372 in Tunbridge, Kent, , England

Ralph de Stafford abducts Margaret de Audley Added by rehiman on 2 Sep 2009
Originally submitted by RickGill52 to Pitman Family Tree on 24 Jul 2009

Lord Stafford married firstly, before 1326, Katherine, daughter of Sir John de Hastang, Knt., of Chebsey, Staffordshire, and they had two daughters: Margaret, who married Sir John of Bramshall (or Wickham) de Stafford, Knight, and Joan, who married Sir Nicholas de Beke, Knight.

He later sensationally abducted Margaret de Audley (1318-1347), daughter of Hugh de Audley, 1st Earl of Gloucester and Margaret de Clare. They filed a complaint to the King, but King Edward III of England supported Stafford. He appeased Hugh and Margaret by creating Hugh Earl of Gloucester. Margaret de Audley and Stafford married before 6 July 1336 and they subsequently had three sons and four daughters, of whom: Hugh, born circa 1336 in Staffordshire, England; Katherine, (1348 - 1361), married Sir John de Sutton, Knt., Baron of Dudley, Staffs; Elizabeth, (d. 1375), married, secondly, John de Ferrers, 4th Lord Ferrers of Chartley; Beatrice, (d. 1415), married, secondly, Thomas de Ros, 4th Lord Ros of Helmsley; and Joan, (d. 1397), married, firstly, John Charleton, 3rd Baron Cherleton.

and so the research goes and goes and never lets up!!! I only have 3000 more stories to go unless of course they lead me to more stories!!!!