Sunday, September 19, 2010

319 East Eighth Street, Hutchinson Kansas

This is the house recorded as being the residence of my grandfather John Christopher Hayley, his wife and 5 children on the 1920 census. The census indicated the house was owned and "f" free of mortgage debt. According to the Gazetteer my grandfather had excellent credit.

Ruth took a picture of the front porch.

Here I am standing under the house numbers. My parents were married in 1923 in this house. We are checking the records if this is the place I was born.

The census indicated my grandfather was a carpenter in 1920.

Monday, September 13, 2010

606 East Ninth Street. Hutchinson, Kansas

606 East Ninth Street is where Claude William Hayley (my father) lived when he was 12years old in 1917.

According to the city directory at the time, His father John Christopher Hayley worked in the lab of the Morton Salt Company in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Ruth jumped out of the car when she saw the house and asked me to stand here under the house numbers to take a picture. I was surprised when we saw the house still standing.

Your Great Grandfather Claude lived there with his parents, his three older sisters and a younger brother, Dennis Hazelwood Hayley.

The house seemed to be quite spacious and surrounded by mighty large trees.

The family was quite established in the town. Yoly, my current wife, was impressed with all the newspaper write ups of the families activities like entertaining, visitors from out of town and trips made by the family. Yoly said the sisters must have been real socialites.

We are having a good time. Ruth is finding lots of information about the family at the library and the court houses.

We are staying at our niece's home, Vandy Ann Peddicord Napier in Great Bend, Hutchinson.

Editorial note: this post was dictated by WILD BILL HAYLEY as a guest writer.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More reminiscing about Life in San Diego in the 1930s

More reminiscing about Life in San Diego in the 1930s. My dad came to San Diego in 1932 for a job Jack Story Chrysler Plymouth Dealership, In addition my father owned the 5th Street Auto Repair and Storage shop and his Auto Shop on El Cajon near Texas Street. My mother gave birth to a baby girl in 1936 and about two years later we moved to Anaheim, California. Driving around today, the names of the streets looked familiar but not all the buildings and changes.

I remembered in particular a black man that stored his limousine at the 5th Auto Storage Shop. I was 10-11 years old but many times I had to stay watch over the auto storage shop. This black man would come in often to wash and wax his limousine. This man would whistle in two different tones at the same time. Although I asked often, the man would never tell him how he could whistle in two different tones at the same time.

Today we went to Birch Aquarium in La Jolla. My wife Yoly enjoyed the Aquarium very much. Of special interest was the various species of SEAHORSES. There was a Dragon Sea Horse exhibit and it truly looked like small 5-6 inch dragons flying in the water. Another large collection of species was the jelly fish. Many size, colors, and shapes of Jelly fish.

We then went to Coronado Hotel for treats and cold drinks. Then Yoly and Ruth went for a walk on the beach. The ladies lost their beginning spot for their walk and got lost on the beach. I started to get worried about them and was very pleased when they finally showed up.

Tony and Ruth has never set up a Web cam on their computer after all these years. So I stopped by the store and purchased a Web cam for them and installed it on their computer.

I have to get up early to catch a 8 am plane to Kansas City--- so good night


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday September 8, 2010 --- Guest Blog by Wild Bill

6:30 pm and I just finished a great dinner cooked by my daughter, Ruth. Ruth peeled carrots and potatoes and added to the slow cooker along with a cross rib beef roast. We left the house 10 minutes to 12 noon for a genealogical meeting, sightseeing, and returned home at 5 pm to this delicious food.

I guess I found something Randy Seaver shared with the genealogical group very funny.

Chula Vista Genealogical Society President Gary Brock shared lots of information with the group.

We visited a Memorial Park dedicated to Bob Hope.

Yoly enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Fish Market

After a last quick goodbye to Bob Hope -- we went to visit the area I lived in when I was in Fifth grade. I attended Horace Mann Junior High School at the end of El Cajon Boulevard. We drove down El Cajon to just past Texas Street where my father had an Automobile Shop. I remembered the streets lined with eucalyptus trees and the trees were still there. A second address we lived at was on 30th Street. The move to 30th Street reminded me of a terrible memory of my childhood.

We had taken a load of furniture to a house on 30th st. A new home we were moving into. We were heading to the home we were moving from to spend the night and finish moving the next day. I was riding my bike and my father told me to grab the door handle of his car and I wouldn't have to pump the bike. I said no because that was dangerous and he said he would give me a beating when we got home if I refused. So I grabbed the door handle and away we went for maybe about a half mile and he move the car up and around a streetcar loading stop. When he did my front wheel got caught in the streetcar track. When it came loose it was turned toward the curb which I hit and bounce into a palm tree. As the bicycle had long horn handlebars, when it hit the tree the handlebars turned and my chest hit the end of the handlebars against the tree. As it hit my chest right at the v of my chest it Damaged my esophagus as it enters my stomach giving me a hyatal hernia. It also bruised my Aorta and I ended up having an Aortic anyuerism where I finally had have 2 Stints put in and a 3 stint in my crotch because they tore the aorta when they entered there to put the upper stints in. Since I have to eat at least 4 hrs before I go to bed , otherwise When I lay down to go to sleep and there is any food in my stomach it will come into my throat because of the injury to my esauphogus. Maybe that was more information than you wanted. But Ruth says this is first person narrative and useful for her genealogy.

After all that I am tired and going to bed. Good night until tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

HAYLEY Blogger introduces a GUEST BLOGGER


WILD BILL HAYLEY will be the guest blogger for the month of September.

Yoly and I arrived in San Diego this evening. The plane had a full hour delay in San Jose. I will be posting what we do each day as we travel. We are going to Branson Mossouri and also be doing some genealogy work.

Speaking of that;
Last Saturday Yoly and I had dinner with my youngest sister, Doris.
My other sister, Kathy and her husband Don Hancock, also were at dinner as was Doris' son, Jeffery. Jeffery presented everyone with a narrative of the Hayley Lineage.

Well, as conversation went to family lineage the fact that we were related to the Carters of Texas was mentioned. Grandma Cecil Carter was the cousin of a known Gospel Singer Maybelle Carter and her family. Well, I about fell over when Don Hancock, my sister Kathy's second husband, told us his first wife was May Belle's daughter, Reba Carter. Don talked about get-togethers with Reba, June, Johnny Cash and himself.

Kathy and Don met and married after their first spouses died and have been happily married for many years now. It just goes to show how small the world can be sometimes.

also known as HP.