Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ima Eula Mewborn

Today is 12 September 2009

I met a lovely lady today her name is

Ima Eula Mewborn
She was born 30 May 1912 in , Greene, North Carolina, USA
She died 5 Feb 2002 in Farmville, Pitt, North Carolina, USA

She was a genealogist before computers, before Internet, and displayed dedication and patience over a number of years.

I have been researching our surnames in the Family History Catalogue of films, microfiche and books. I found this Microfilm #1711458 that mentioned several surnames and amongst them was Mooring. (i. e. Eliza Jane Mooring married to John William Hayley in 1850.)

The title of the film is Ima Eula Mewborn studies, Magna Charta to 1990.
This film had fine formed entries, handwritten pedigrees, several different types of papers, three ring holed sheets, patches, and very large certificates with Calligraphy writing, lots of stamps and signatures.

I have ordered many films to review and most of the time there is nothing in the films that relate to our family. I was searching this long film of notes, hand written pedigrees, random maps, stories and very official looking certificates. Nothing was clicking whatsoever until I did find our mutual connection with the Moorings.

She is very important to our family. Her dedication and true love of her family and country are another "key" to our direct lineage to the brave men and women who created and developed this fine country. Her studies includes her documentation and validation in the Daughters of the American Revolution.

It was a delight to view her "studies". She doodled!!! Yes, doodles on her research papers, very integrated circles and lines that I am very familiar. They looked just like doodles I have on some of my genealogy papers. She had the same amateure poorly constructed shapes and lines that I have done in the past. Shapes that start so structured (much like lovely IRISH ART) and then wind back on themselves with no where to go.......just like me!

I once saw an exhibit of Irish art and many of the filigree style type shapes reminded me of my "own doodling". So I surmised that perhaps it was just collective conscience of an art type.

As I compile all my works (some on dot matrix printer paper, some typed, loads handwritten.) I have to fight the urge to clean up all my notes, or just go forward with new discoveries. Of course new discoveries often wins and create another pile of notes, newspaper articles, correspondences for me to organize later (when I have time). I have been secretly fearful of people seeing my crazy notes, doodlings, funny notes! and bizarre hand written pedigrees as I go through my studies.

But now I see my "mess" as delightful and fun. And a shared trait with another lovely dedicated "family" member whom loved her family and loved her country!!

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