Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's someone's BIRTHDAY! WENDY!

MARCH 27 is Wendy's Birthday --- WHO IS WENDY?????? Wendy is my 12 year old granddaughter------this excerpt from this poem explains my feelings for Wendy----

--I carry your heart By E. E. Cummings

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) i am never without it (anywhere i go you go,m...y dear..........

I even like the ways he wrote it, small case letters, blank spaces, pauses

;......................just that part of the poem ----- just that heart connection. There are some people in my life I give heart hugs. I tell them as we gently hug. I feel your heart with my heart and it is like our hearts are hugging. Wendy and I have heart hugs.

OH: Why it rains so much in March!!! Just in case you did not know why it rains so much in March.

Here is an abbreviated excerpt of Wendy's Book......

.......So God had a meeting of his littlest angels. “Hello angels”, he said, “I have a lovely lady married to a wonderful man. The wonderful husband wants to make the lovely lady very happy. The lady wants a baby. Yet this baby must have lots of love. This couple is very special and need a special baby to remind them of My love for them. I need a special baby to bring lots of love in their lives.”

The sweetest little angel of all the angels jumped right up and said, “I can love this couple. Please God send me. I will remind them of Your Love for them, God.
I will sing. I will smile. I will be kind and helpful. I will be there for them when they are sad, or hurt, or sick”

All the other angels were surprised. They did not want the sweetest angel to leave heaven. The sweetest angel always came to them when they were sad or hurt or sick.

God knew that this very special angel was the perfect angel for this couple. So it was decided the sweetest angel would become this couples first child born on earth. The time for the sweetest angel to be born was coming. The month was March when the baby was to be born. The angels started to cry as they said their good-byes to the sweetest angel. More and more angel came to say good-bye. More and more angels cried.

Pretty soon, there were too many angels crying. So God had another meeting with the angels. “ There is too much crying. It has caused the earth to have too much rain. If you would please stop crying, when the sweetest angel is born, I will place beautiful flowers on the earth. I will place flowers on vacant lots where no people live. I will place flowers along the roads for people to see. I will place flowers in very unusual places. So instead of crying, I want you to look for these special flowers. So please, I need you to stop crying.”

So every year when the angels remember the day the sweetest angel was born, they begin to cry. More and more angels cry. So every year God has to remind them of His promise. He will tell the angels, “Please stop crying. On the day of the sweetest angels birthday, I will place special flowers all over the world. These special flowers will be a surprise. They will grow in unexpected places. So to help you stop crying, I want you to look all around you to see where I have put these special sweetest angel flowers.”

So every year as God fulfills his convent to place the rainbows to be seen in the cloud, he also plants flowers in special places. He may scatter flower seeds all across a hill side and fill it with flowers. He likes to surprise vacant lots with flowers. Sometimes in well tended gardens--- up pops one of God’s special sweetest angel flowers.

Some may say it was birds or wind that blew the seeds there to grow. But for me and the angels, we know it is God’s promise.

God’s promise that for every good-bye we must say, he will plant special flowers for us to seek and find..........

Just in case you did not know why it rains so much in March.

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