Friday, April 16, 2010


My father's brother Uncle Buddy and his wife were ridiculously in love with each other!!! They had t-shirts made that said.

Want to see what a happy marriage looks like? and on the back it said LOOK AT US.

it was so cool and very inspiring. Uncle Buddy was an instructor of B52 fighter pilots stationed in Taiwan. Aunt Marty was active in helping Air Force wives deal with military life. They were an awesome team!

Both of them were very no nonsense people. Very Hayley!! Opinionated, steadfast, and decisive.

My own history with this couple was unfavorable. They had a poor opinion of me. There are reasons for that. But as we know Life is not Always Fair and some of us just allow that to be and go on with our lives the best we can under the circumstances.

On their anniversary, Uncle Bud ordered a beautiful ring for Aunt Marty. Aunt Marty was thrilled but as she started to get in their car to leave the jewelers, Aunt Marty had a (heart attack?, stroke?) I am unsure of the facts. Uncle Bud drove her to the hospital right away, yelling all the way "Don't you die on me! Don't you die on me?". Aunt Mardy passed away.

Since then Uncle Bud has remarried and is still living in Texas. If you look at our family tree. Uncle Buddy is the son of Claude William Hayley Sr. and Etta Mae Dikes and his name is Forrest Lee Hayley. Funny I just thought of it, unless you do the research it would be difficult for someone to figure out our tree because no one uses their "birth certificate" names. LOL

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