Friday, October 8, 2010

Intentional Act of Genealogical Terrorism with an Accomplice

MY ACCOMPICE: Vandy Ann is my cousin I stayed with in KANSAS while doing genealogy work, September 2010. Vandy Ann is also interested in genealogy.

I shared with Vandy my data regarding my Kansas ancestors. By the way, these are not relatives my cousin and I share. I have a death certificate of John Christopher Hayley. The death certificate included his birth place, father's name and mother's maiden name. The death certificate was obtained on-line by a distant cousin Martha Jane Good Caswell of New Mexico. This is an excellent find and helped confirm my direct lineage with this family.

Although this was an excellent document, it included data about John Christopher's health that was "frankly" disturbing. Doctor put in a contributing cause of death that made some living relatives uncomfortable. So we just kind of altered (by deletion) the additional unverified data from the certificate.

Unverified because I do not have blood samples or blood analysis from three separate sources. I watch a lot of court tv. lol

Our reasoning?
1.----The doctor could have been wrong. lol
2.----I used the certificate to introduce myself to historians of his hometown and did not want to give "confusing" data.
3.----I could have not expected much cooperation from my dad if I was showing the document as is.
4.----Vandy Ann had all the office supplies and even straight edge to do a professional job.
5.----Vandy and I classified the data as TMI Too Much Information.

TMI is data that is not essential to the understanding of the purpose of the document. form, application but can delay and confuse the reader.
a) when a person is applying for a loan sometimes the perspective buyer would add data (my ex-husband is not paying his child support) that would only delay and confuse the lender.
b) adding on a job application that your last boss had serious mental health issues.

Could be true but TMI......

My Plea: Guilty with explanation:

So I am including my deception in all my writings and correspondences so everyone is aware of what, how and why this was done.

The original certificate, depository and references are included in my resource log. I added a note regarding my Intentional Act of Genealogical Terrorism.

The final verdict:
This phraseology was given to me in my judgement from THE HIGH GENEALOGY COURT OF ALL THINGS HOLY IN THE AREA OF GENEALOGY RESEARCH --- (aka Randy Seaver, a beloved mentor and friend of mine).

So I fall on the merciful judgement of the court. Admit my guilt, give a very feeble and disgusting excuse for my actions, and stand accused and found guilty.

Added sarcasm here---just kidding!
But as "everyone knows" with the struggle of living in a judgemental, archaic world --- sometimes manipulation, discretion, and "little white lies" are needed to survive or get the cooperation of others.

Side issue: Did you ever notice when people are trying to get away with stuff they know to be wrong --- they start making up theories and phrases to explain them self away such as TMI and "little white lies"?

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  1. There are states that will delete cause of death information, because they consider them private. I understand your reasoning for not including the information. I think I need to learn to do that - think carefully about what I am sharing before doing so.