Monday, June 29, 2009

Family Lore

One of my interests in Genealogy is that I am trying to prove or disprove "Family Lore".
The Hayley Lore I first tackled is:

"The Hayley Family Tree was poorly documented and difficult to find because Claude William Hayley Sr.'s father, (John Christopher Hayley) ran away from his home at a very young age. The story goes, his father hung him by his feet upside down in a well. As soon as he was free of the well, John Christopher ran away and never returned.

Another Family Lore is that we are related to the Carter Family that includes June Carter who later marries Johnny Cash. My interest is to prove this, if possible.

Also to document our Daughters of the American Revolution lineage for any females now or in the future will be a direct relative.

Also there are rumors (amongst the genealogist) we may or may not be related to our ninth president Harrison and be a distant relative to Thomas Jefferson (meaning not direct to Thomas but perhaps a direct relative to one of his siblings).

These are but a few of the hypothesis I am working on presently. I am taking this project as a scientific experiment (hee hee) ---Another words using the lores and myths as hypothesis and seeing if I or anyone else can duplicate the results.

This study will actually take years to the end of my life as I document each step of the way. My goal is to present everyone with a 5 generation double side family tree by Christmas 2009. and then to update everyone with new data each Christmas. Those that follow my blog will get the bits and pieces, work, documentation explanations to develope these "trees" in details. Because without the research, documentation, verification and validation required the tree may not have foundation to stand the test of time.

So more Later Aunt Ruth ncw

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