Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome to ReedHayley Blog

Hello Family!!! This is a announcement that I have declared myself "Family Historian" at least for now. You may ask me what are my qualifications well number:
1 I have a computer (with spell check!)
2 I enjoy it.
3. I have some resources that I will be able to refer to and expand upon.

These resources I have or have copies of include but are not limited to:
Cecil M. Carters personal Bible with her notes of family dates and locations added.
A copy (photographed by Bill Hayley) of Etta Mae Hayley's family Bible.
Also Josephine Hayley hand copied all the data from the Bible and I have a copy of this data.
A copy of "THE FAMILY OF JOHN ARNETT CHAPIN" compiled by Helen Evelyn Cox Mills, July 1983, Owasso, Oklahoma.
An interesting family tree regarding the Dearman's found in Alta Vay Cook Reed's closet after her death with some notes in her handwriting.
A letter from Jeanette Reed

and of course my panel of experts
Helen Roberta Reed (for the Reed, Chapin, and Dearman Families)
Wild Bill Hayley for the (Hayleys and Dikes Families)
When ever I reference these resources I will do so in the notes of the genealogy.

This blog was going to be entitled HayleyReed but that name was not available so it is ReedHayley. I still hope all will be able to find it.

Even tho I have declared this title "family historian" for myself ---- if at anytime you decide on a better candidate or wish to assist, add, comment and correct anything on this blog ----please do so!!!

More soon.......... Sincerely Ruth, ncw (no credentials whatsoever)

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