Monday, January 25, 2010

Madness Monday's------William DIKES revisited

After another several hours of again researching Mr. Dikes, and because I wanted to vacuuming my back bedroom, I went over to file and arrange my research papers. It has been said before and needs to be said over and over again---- after one or two years no matter how detail complete you think you have been----review all your records. I found new data!!! By "New" I mean data I have had for at least 10 years, it is notes Josephine copied for me, I kept the notes because it is Josephines unmistakeable handprinting and just like everything she does---she did it in love. I thought I had copied all of Josephine's notes,in full, for any glimpse of a clue. I can tell the notes are not always in the best order but I found missing data!!!! I started feeling like a COLD CASE detective ---

I am excited to start my "new" research ---- but I had to make myself a promise to pace myself on Mr. Dikes-----If I do not discipline myself,I can spend days on him. So I have made weekly dates with Mr. Dikes. This finding the data was a test----- if I would drop everything and start plugging in data------but Mr Dikes must wait for his allotted time if I am to be professional in my research. I have other issues to research and must discipline myself to have a more effective and efficient genealogy journey! No; the room did not get vacuumed yet. But you know your room is out of control when your husband offers to help you put things away!!!!

I will try today again to finish cleaning the room and next Monday I will post about new data on Mr. Dikes---I am feeling very very optimistic about this-----but like I said I truly have other things to do right now----and this is just a test.....If I am following my ancestors-----My ancestors have a strange sense of humor!!!

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  1. This is a precious story with fabulous memories, I'm sure for you and your family.