Thursday, August 5, 2010


I saw Curt this last week end!!! He is living in a houseboat just down the road from brother. Curt would love a visit from brother. I figured he and his wife might take a ride on their motorcycle to see Curt. The road is great for a ride.Very open and paved. He is docked off a lovely resort. It reminded me so much of the area we summered at each year. Curt indicated it reminded him of our old camping grounds. Curt explained how he drove his speed boat to shop about once a month in one of the big towns near by. Curt can drive his speed boat almost to dad's place.

Curt looked well. Slim as always, fit and active. His manner was jovial and charming as always. He spoke alot about family and how he wished we could all come visit soon. I was thinking it might be fun to have a family outing there in the fall. With Chris and family in that area, Ken not far away, a group could come from San Jose and we could have a great picnic. The resort was very well kept, just down the way there were cottages to rent, people were fishing all over the place. The fact that children were fishing off the road, and kids playing in camp grounds was very alarming to Jim and Maria. Boating, water skiing, campfires, It did not help that I kept repeating, "this reminds me of my childhood", "we went to a place just like this each summer".

We arrived just about sunset. Jim, Maria, their 4 kids and myself boarded Curt's three story houseboat. The kids were making us nervous because they were enjoying it almost too much!! Bryan thought it was great that he could make the entire boat rock.

Well as far as I can remember it was the summer of 1994 when I last heard from Curtis. Evidently, his wife had a long and painful death. He mentioned a number of illnesses that she suffered. It is very strange that after all he has been through, all the places, all over the world he has lived, he ended up where we all had such fond memories.

Jim explained to Curt the pilgrimages that we took sometimes to look him up, explaining we found land deeds with his name, and county records and tried to trace him. Curt's reply was "You can not find me, if I do not want to be found." When we went out this time to see Curt, 9 year old Bryan said oh no grandma we have looked for him before for days and could not find him. Bryan thought this was going to be another failed trip.

But Curt is found, and I encourage everyone to go see him. Please pass the blog along and let's see if we can not get a day planned soon!

Did I mention my grandkids were here a couple of days? When I get my scanner working again I will add a picture of Curt.

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