Thursday, August 26, 2010

I have an appointment with the MOORING BIBLE

I called this morning and introduced myself to Mrs. Abigail Rice Hyde of Ridgely, Tenn. (93 YEARS OLD) but as the lady of City Hall said------she is as mentally sharp as a tack. Mrs. Hyde has graciously invited my father and me to her home while we are in Tennessee next month. She has the original Wyatt Mooring, Sr., Bible which is in her possession. The Bible has been rebound and said to look perfect. This is going to be a good trip!!!

She also alerted me to a "cousin" related through the brother of Wyatt Mooring Seniors. This cousin was partially blinded and spent a great deal of his life doing genealogy. She has their correspondences from the 1930s and 1940s. He went to England to study the family genealogy. She said the day she finally went to see him in Sheversport LA, was the day of his funeral.

But she has seen his collection of data that was donated to the University of Louisiana. This distant cousin's name was Beckham Christian. ARGGGGG another clue!!

She also helped me with my pronunciation with the cities and names. I had always pronounced the name Eliza ( with a short "a" sound --- ahhh) she corrected me and said Eliza's family called her Eliz--A with a hard long A sound. I am going to have trouble with these pronunciations!! Wish me luck!

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