Monday, September 13, 2010

606 East Ninth Street. Hutchinson, Kansas

606 East Ninth Street is where Claude William Hayley (my father) lived when he was 12years old in 1917.

According to the city directory at the time, His father John Christopher Hayley worked in the lab of the Morton Salt Company in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Ruth jumped out of the car when she saw the house and asked me to stand here under the house numbers to take a picture. I was surprised when we saw the house still standing.

Your Great Grandfather Claude lived there with his parents, his three older sisters and a younger brother, Dennis Hazelwood Hayley.

The house seemed to be quite spacious and surrounded by mighty large trees.

The family was quite established in the town. Yoly, my current wife, was impressed with all the newspaper write ups of the families activities like entertaining, visitors from out of town and trips made by the family. Yoly said the sisters must have been real socialites.

We are having a good time. Ruth is finding lots of information about the family at the library and the court houses.

We are staying at our niece's home, Vandy Ann Peddicord Napier in Great Bend, Hutchinson.

Editorial note: this post was dictated by WILD BILL HAYLEY as a guest writer.

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