Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16, 2009

Sometimes I travel, network, and read about Hayley ancestry. I have been busy doing all the above for the last two weeks. This blog is more about the process of writing the history of the Hayley's.

I also have a blog titled Genealogy is Ruthless without Me and it is more the networking, technical issues of genealogy. There have been several new software packages coming, old sites folding, Internet sites, speakers, presentations, books that updates nearly everyday. It is those generic issues I blog about on the other blog.

So just to catch up on my research involved with the Hayley's ---- I now have a little over 3,000 names--- on ancestry. I have 92 people with hints to review and about 124 "problems" on my chart to be corrected, researched etc. This I have been told can be referred to in genealogy jargon "as weeding".

I am coming up with a book list to request from the Mormon's Family Center. Aunt Helen will be able to help me obtain these books, films etc.

In particular I am seeking and hope to find soon microfilm compiled by ADAH (no I do not know what that stands for yet) Gen Society of Utah 1987, 1 roll, FHL film #1411532 (Item 15, Tennessee soldier) for Captain John William Hayley (1823-1870) Confederate Service Records (for Tennessee soldiers who served in Alabama Units)

also series M268, 1959, 359 rolls, FHL film starting alphabetical with #880055 (A-AN) that is stated to be a very good resource of wounded soldiers. with 359 films and H being the 8th letter of the alphabet I will start looking at about roll #880225

I also have located a possible Indian Choctaw Genealogy Specialist --- Grandma Etta Mae Dikes Hayley left me her Indian Blood, tribe, degree and reference name. Cecelia Svinth Carpenter wrote a book published in 1986 by Tacoma Research Service regarding the History of Indian and British interaction before the 1780s. It is here and the Treaty of April 1824, that I hope to find our names amongst the 5 civilized tribes as Grandmother stated.

More books regarding Hayley I will be ordering"

Genealogical memorandum relating chiefly to the Hayley, Piper, Neal and Ricker families of Maine and New Hampshire is available from

Tennessee Twigs and Branches

Goodspeed books

HILL & HAYLEY, Cotton Factors, Memphis is available from The Olden Times

Along with some court records and newspaper clippings.

I also have a list for the Moorings ---- The wife of John William Hayley (mother of John Christopher Hayley) comes from a well published family in Tennessee and that is where I got some of the photos for her ---

so just to give you a short update on my research. I am also using this blog as a kind of diary of my research.

This week , I have added 50 names updated 157 people, gedcomed my ancestry file, and uploaded to My Heritage and a new software program RootsMagic 4, Wednesday I attended a genealogy class on the new Windows 7 (replacing VISTA everyone hopes), and attended a evening class where I received some of the data and read resources for the Civil War. Saturday July 18th I will attend a class for this new RootMagic4 software program. That is why I was anxious to populate the databases.

Dad continues to recover from his respiratory infection, and then I am hoping to get him to start scanning more photos. Also I am having Deb Sue go through my storage to send me more data.

So I will be working on step by step to put this together.

By the way I have done some work on Jo Ellen's family and Susan Corbin's family also.

Let me know what you think-----OBTW Dean I found Kaydance and Venice records also and will be adding them -----sorry if I did not spell correct right now but it has been since 6 am and now 11:30 pm and I am too tired to look at my bundle of papers right now lol lol lol This blog was the last thing I was going to do before I hit the shower!! Good Night Sweet Family I love you all Aunt Ruth

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