Friday, July 17, 2009

Offensive Subject Matters

History is history, Opinions are opinions, When I label something Soap Box anytime during my blogs, I am giving Opinion only. The only constant in life is---change. And AMERICA has changed. Many of the post, letters, court records will be very offensive for many people in the 2000 century.
There were accepted norms, morals, and child rearing practices that would be criminal today. It is my hopes that as I compile this data, that it is in no way perceived as my opinions, beliefs, norm or convictions. Many things that happened in our family history past, I do not condone or agree. But also I am not going to censor, apologize, nor debate these beliefs and actions. I am writing about a time and place.
When possible I will include the history leading up to the thinking of these people. Not everything was as clear cut and presented to the public in the same way our history now teaches about early American History. I am also feeling an obligation to my living relatives to be as considerate as possible. Therefore in the labels for blogs I will indicate the subject matter. Examples of labels to watch for would be Child Abuse, Slavery, War, etc. I will post these labels in my other blogs but I do not anticipate to post as much detail as has been recorded in the Hayley family.

There are definitely distinct characteristics that to me define the Hayley Family of the past:

1. Past Hayley's were "God-fearing" protestants.
2. Past Hayley's were musical (many played musical instruments by ear).
3. Hayley's were confederates.
4. Hayley's suffered terribly after the civil war.
5. Hayley's were well thought of by local and state officials.
6. Hayley's were ferociously independent.
7. Hayley's have always been inventors in the realm of mechanical design.
8. Hayley's had slaves.
9. Hayley's believed in harsh child discipline.
10. Although many times ill, weak, Hayley's were always able to work harder and longer than others, as if by sure might and will.

IMHO----It always seemed to me the Hayley's had kind of a curse "very dark side" on the family. There were often times a riff with family members, lots of illness, and sadness. But again in my "Pollyanna" perspective, I think as we unravel some of these family issues. Put "light" to them. We can lift this darkness and unleash the special talents and characteristic of the HAYLEY's.

Excuse me as I adjust my rose colored glasses.

Love Aunt Ruth

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