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An Olympic Hopeful 1940-1944

Many of our ancestors have been athletical and great sportsmen in many arena. This is a blog about a direct relative working toward the 1940s Olympics. When the Tokyo Olympics were cancelled, this was a great disappointment to many Olympic Hopefuls.

The statement below is the official account of the 1940 Olympics.

Digital Archiv
from the amateur athletic foundation of Los Angeles:
The AAF has obtained permission from the I.O.C. and all relevant National Olympic Committees to web publish all Official Olympic Reports through 2004. All of the digital publications are available at no cost to website visitors.
Read the full text of the 1940 Official Olympic Report:


The hopes for the XIIth Olympic Games in Tokyo which were anxiously
anticipated not only by the public of Japan, but also by the peoples of foreign
countries, came to an abrupt end with the announcement of cancellation.
Although the cancellation was inevitably due to the national policy in
the present emergency, the return to the International Olympic Committee
of the right to celebrate the Games was not only a great grief to sports fans
themselves, but also to the whole nation of Japan. At the twenty-eighth
meeting of the Organizing Committee, which was held on July 16, 1938, the
advice of Marquis Kido, Minister for Public Welfare, pointing out the issue
as follows, was considered.
" Although the Government has been desirous for the holding of the Olympic
Games, there seems to be no alternative but to forfeit the right to celebrate
the XIIth Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo under the present circumstances
when the nation is confronted with the necessity of requiring both spiritual and
material mobilization in order to realize the ultimate object of the present
The discussion invited several inquiries, but a unanimous decision was
reached by the Organizing Committee to the effect that to cancel the Games
was the best solution in line with the national policy.
The following telegram was immediately sent to Count de Baillet-Latour:
" We regret that, owing to protracted hostilities with no prospect of
immediate peace, we have decided to cancel the Tokyo and Sapporo Games.
We intend to apply for 1944 Games. The members of the Organizing Committee
are unanimous in their appreciation of your unfailing kindness. Tokugawa,
In view of the national mobilization required for the termination of the
present Japan-China incident which was felt to be still in the distant future,
the Japanese Government requested the abandonment of all preparations for
the Olympic Games. Protracted hostilities call for forbearance and every
possible preparation, on the part of the people, for concentrated efforts in every
direction. Consequently, it was desired to cancel all large scale international
projects and the Olympic Games had to be reconsidered.

But our Olympic Hopeful continued his perfection of the high dive. Diving has evolved a lot since the 1940s. Ergo, no this person could not do double layouts finished by a reversal. But again this Olympic Hopefuls dreams were dashed again when the 1944 Olympics were cancelled.
See statement below:

The anticipated 1944 Summer Olympics, which were to be officially known as the Games of the XIII Olympiad, were cancelled due to World War II. They were to have been held in London, United Kingdom, which won the bid in a June 1939 IOC election over Rome, Detroit, Lausanne, Athens, Budapest, Helsinki and Montreal on the first ballot.

Because of the cancellation, London went on to host the 1948 Summer Olympics, awarded without election.

In spite of the war, the IOC organized many events to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of its foundation at its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. Held from 17 June to 19 June 1944, this celebration was referred to as the "The Jubilee Celebrations of IOC" by Carl Diem, the originator of the modern tradition of the Olympic torch relay.

Polish Prisoners of War (POWs) in the Woldenberg (Dobiegniew) Oflag II-C POW camp were granted permission by their German captors to stage an unofficial POW Olympics during July 23 to August 13, 1944 and an Olympic Flag made with a bed sheet and pieces of colored scarves was raised. The event has been considered to be a demonstration of the Olympic spirit transcending war.[1]

So have you figured who this Diving Olympic Hopeful is????

It is Grandpa Wild Bill Hayley !!!!! Grandpa continued to pursue his love of sports with auto racing and water skiing. But circumstances of world politics, beyond his control, dashed his dreams of participating in an Olympic Year.

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